Some feedbacks I received from my clients as a Technical Support Engineer

  • Sherin, I don't know how your support staff does what they do. Without a doubt you and the other support staff members are exceptional. Again, thank you so much. I don't know why I had such difficulty in resetting the hit counter number. But, without your help I would have never been able to reset the number. Again, thank you so much!
  • Thank you so much!! It is working perfectly now. Great stuff. Many thanks.
  • Hi Sherrin ! Excellent thanks very much for your help and your swift response
  • Awesome! Works like a charm :-) Thanks!
  • Thanks Sherin, I think all is well - again thanks so much for your prompt assistance!
  • Thank you so much for your help - once again, you've demonstrated how great your service is.
  • Thanks a million!! You guys and gals are the greatest. Must have happened Friday when the new OS was installed because that is when the orders stopped coming. You saved me from having a heart attack. Muchas Gracious
  • Everything's working fine indeed! Thanks a lot for solving that so quickly!
  • WOW!!! Thank you Sherin!? MOST appreciated!? That was scary.? So happy you accomplished this.? Thank you.
  • Sherin, your help is most appreciated.

    Not only have you been helpful, you have also been understanding.

    I wish you sunny days and happiness for at least a week!
  • Thank you for the help in getting this straightened out.

    Not only the attention to detail in the help and reporting but the quick turn around time.

    It sure is a change from most support services
  • Thankyou so much, the DNS flush fixed it, everything is working great now. Thankyou so much for your help, I really appreciate all the information.

    I have worked with other hosting providers but this is the first time I have had such a positive experience.

  • ┬áHi Sherin,

    Thanks very much again. You guys move like speed of light eh? ;)

    By the way, I've done some Cpanel to Cpanel migration in the past, but it was longgg time ago.
  • Hello, Sherin,

    Thanks for everything you have done for me. the server looks good now. You are so awesome.
  • Hey sherin,

    That's awesome, thanks for completing that for me so quickly! That's really great :)
  • Hi Sherin,

    Thanks, this script helped greatly with the network maintenance and resulted in minimal downtime for the majority of customers.
  • Sherin George gets the Wall of Fame award for June 2010 for his outstanding performance in his team and thus delighting the customer and gaining customer confidence.

    "Nothing less than customer delight". That is Sherin's motto. All the customers whom he has worked for, has nothing but praises to say about Sherin. In his current team as well, things are not different.

    Here is the feedback from his client.

    "Sherin has performed extremely well since he has been promoted into the role of Senior Systems Administrator. He is a great team player, very hard worker, and even with a large number of tasks to complete he has worked through them quickly and efficiently. He is an invaluable asset to the team!

    Sherin is adaptable, dynamic and has a can do attitude, he's a solutions man. Ever since Sherin took over as Sys Admin in our Team, we have seen nothing but great results. No matter the task whether it be a small customer issue or a large Server problem, Sherin is able to sort it out."

    He inspires not only his customers, but his kids, admins and all around him. Sherin is very strict about documenting the work he does, and also automates the day to day tasks with the help of scripts, which makes work easier for him and his team. He is a person who gets irritated with leisure time, he wants to be engaged always. A man of perfect solutions, cent percent dependable, great team player, trustworthy and a man of great ethics!!

    As per one of the Executive team members :

    "He is a person who never looks for temporary solutions for his client issues, as he wants the issue to be solved for ever. So any issue placed in his hand means it is solved. He is a person who personally believes that he wants to do something in life and all his acts just proves that."

    Well! All these feedback says much! Thank you Sherin, for all your support and contributions towards the success of the company!
  • xxxx,

    I've worked with yyyy for almost 4 years

    Please don't hesitate if you need any references, I always
    try to advise clients to utilize you.

    People like Sherin and zzzzz are invaluable to your
    organization, please pass my greets to kkkkk as well.

    mmmm mmmm
  • Sherin- I would like to thank you for all the support you have given to me. 
    Thanks for showing the confidence in me. You are one of the most intelligent 
    person I have met in my Life. You are a Linux Expert:-). I am very sure that 
    you will make 'aaaaa' top team in bbbbbbbb:-).
  • I really appreciate what you've done on this migration Sherin, you worked hard and achieved the result in by being thorough ... that's a true tech :
  • Hi Sherin,

    Thank you and the team for the great work, you guys are fantastic at your jobs!!

    Cheers BBBBB
  • Sherin is doing an outstanding job at the moment and you should probably recognize this internally.[From Client]